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Baja surfing, mountain biking, or your very own special itinerary! Charter the Baja Beach Bus or Adventure Eco Vans. Let our Baja California Mexico experience get you there.

Whether you're a Baja surfer, Baja camper, Baja hiker, Baja whale watcher or just need to get away for awhile with a group of friends, tell us what you want or where you'd like to go.

How about a Baja California hot springs run? Why not that special surf spot with friends or visiting all the Baja Cave paintings? We can customize a trek adventure to bring you an unforgettable Baja California Mexico experience.

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Hot Springs

Please also check out our Why Not Baja Trek? and our Frequently Asked Questions pages to get an idea of our travel style!

Charter Ideas:

  • Surf trip
  • Mountain biking
  • National Parks
  • Hot Springs and more!
"Little by little, one travels far." - J R R Tolkien