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Baja California Mexico's GeographySan Ignacio square

Baja (pronounced Ba-ha) comprises the two most western states of Mexico. Together they form the Baja Peninsula - the second longest peninsula on earth. Only the Malay Peninsula in southeast Asia is longer. The Baja Peninsula is longer than the U.S. State of California, which it is attached to on its northernmost boundary, and also longer than Italy, Germany and is slightly larger than twice the size of Florida.

It is roughly 800 miles (1275 km) long and averages 75 miles wide with its narrowest point at just 26 miles wide. It is said to be the last true frontier in this part of the world.

Baja California Mexico's climate

Baja Mexico can generally be considered warm and dry throughout the year. The northeast of Baja has desert throughout much of its area and has higher temperatures as a result. The northwest is cool by the Pacific Ocean and experiences lower temperatures on average during the winter. To the south Baja Sur gets more tropical. In between, there are many micro climates depending on location and altitude.

Baja California Mexico's population

Home to some of the world's friendliest people, Baja Mexico is spread out and sparsely populated. Over 75% of the population lives along the northernmost border. It presently has an estimated total population of just under 3 million with almost half of these people living in the very northwest corner of the peninsula in the city of Tijuana.

Down Baja's Pacific coast

Fast facts about Baja California Mexico

Baja California Mexico is the Second-longest peninsula on earth

Longer north to south than the U.S. State of California

Official language is Spanish with many indigenous languages spoken

The Tijuana Border is the most crossed international border in the world

Almost 75% of the Baja population lives in 2 cities located at the border it shares with the United States.

Highest point is Picacho del Diablo (3100+ meters or 10,171+ feet)

The only two-lane paved road that connects the north to the south was finally completed in 1973.

Baja sun
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