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Simply put, our trek mission is to emit as little carbon into the environment as possible given the technology and resources available while providing the most memorable trek available for everyone. According to a recent New York Times newspaper article the commercialized tourism industry accounts for about 5% of the world's carbon dioxide emissions. This must change. By using recycled vegetable oil on our trek in the place of fossil fuel we have cut over

161,800 lbs of carbon dioxide per year

from being placed into the environment. This number is probably much greater if one adds in all the individual vehicles that are not being used by passengers during the treks. This also equates to

714 barrels of crude oil

which didn't need to be pumped, produced, refined or fought over.


Besides seeking out desolate beaches, hot springs and the ultimate road trip one underlining mission of Baja Trek is to focus on people connecting with people. By sharing ideas and cultures it is our hope that together we can create a better understanding of others which will lead to a more peaceful world.

It's about the power of people learning first hand, through travel, about other cultures and countries. We hope that at the conclusion of our trek that the lives we come in contact with, as well as our own, have improved from the experiences of our journey.

A Better World

We live in a time where societal and environmental concerns need to be addressed and changed. These changes must happen for the existence and betterment of future generations. Each one of us has the ability to effect these needed changes even if only in a small way. Collectively, our goal is to change our world using sustainable technologies and grassroots efforts. Working together we can create a more environmentally sustainable and peaceful world - a better world for all of us.

Viva Mexico!

"Something that involves travel, that is all I ever wanted to do. I want to be a professional 'vacationist.'"
Alison Armitrage