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"This world is a better place under such steadily helpful efforts as you've shared with us in this week. Thank you for an unforgettable experience, it's impeccable timing, and the consistent presence of good that yourselves and your work has accomplished. I look forward to spreading the vibes you've inspired." ~ Aron.S.

"You're either on the bus or you're off the bus...Thank you for piloting this red rocketship of adventure across Baja's desert. Someone had to build it, someone had to buy it, someone had to cover the missing cash and someone had to worry so no one else would. From the back of the bus and from the bottom of a heart refreshed by Baja time, I thank you. Keep the dream alive." ~ Peter

"Hey awesome peeps! Thanks so much for creating this spectacular adventure idea and putting it into the multiverse that we all seemed to have tapped into, creating a perfect bus posse. It's been so great, we've had such an awesome rad time and lots of good, hilarious and beautiful memories. You rock! Email us if there's ever a reunion or future mega adventures when you install the "Go-go-gadget Boat" switch!! It's been an oily experience of coolness! Love and musical madness," ~ Monstar & Jack Scallywag

"You all are so unbelievable, helping and kind people. You made this awesome trip so beautiful and have so much love that's so inspiring. You've said many nice things and you're great people to share any experience with. Count me in on your next trek as well. Thank you tons. I'm gonna miss you till the next time we meet." ~ Sheva

"You guys inspire me. I don't have a lot of fancy words- just a lot of respect. You brought all the right people together and made this trip into something more than just a trip to Mexico. I've learned a lot about life and myself. I thank you! I wish you all the goodness you deserve. I'll always be on the bus in my heart and take it with me for the rest of my life. Thanks." ~ Sam

"Thanks so much for taking a chance on complete strangers. You guys are amazing and super nice. You'ved made my trip to Mexico really comfortable when I was scared to come in the first place. Thanks again so much and hopefully we'll see/talk to each other in the future. Much love," ~ Kanan

"My first Baja experience has been awesome. It's been great to feel peace somewhere in the world and to interact with people without questioning the goodness in their hearts. It's great knowing that somewhere in my mind there's a week's worth of memories that can bring a smile to my face." ~ Love

"I already miss my home on the bus. I also miss my extended family. Everyone was so cool." ~ Pat

"Your vibes are incredible . You've brought us all into your lovely world and given us out of nowhere the holiday of a lifetime! That's the spirit of community that makes you wonderful people. Your openess is applaudable and I won't forget it anytime soon. I'm on the bus, well and truly and forever." ~ Sherwin

"Hey guys, thanks so much for everything. Words can't express so we got some instruments and string for Gus and his friends. You're all incredible and we could not wish for any more. I hope Gus keeps magic stories and friendships forming." ~ Matt

"Thanks to you all. We had an amazing time during and after the trip. I hope we'll stay in touch! Every road trip with Gus is gonna get better! Have fun in your next road trips with the new instruments!" ~ Jessica

"Buenos! Quite amazing people- you have treated us with such kindness. I would not want to experience Mexico for the first time any other way. I loved Gus and hope he keeps on truckin'. Good luck with the communal caravan. I extend myself to you if ever you need help in any form for any reason I will have the time to be there. Safe travels space cadets!" ~ St. Patrick

"G'day. Thanks heaps for the bus trip and making us feel like family. I have had a fantastic time and will really look forward to catching up with you and Gus again sometime. Take care." ~ Adam

"Bonjourno! Thanks so much for everything. You guys have been awesome. I enjoyed my experiences and I'm so glad I got to be with awesome people as it was happening. Good luck and I'll see you soon!" ~ Dannyboy

"Thank you for your awesome hospitality and organizing the Gus bus. We may see you on the way back up. Lots of love." ~ Senor Maple

"'The center is everywhere, circumference is nowhere.' I learned that from Dustin Hoffman in I Love Huckabees. You are all beautiful people doing a good thing for us and people like us don't forget kindnesses like that. Much love and thanks for starting our van library. Giant love," ~ ShevaP.

"I just wanted to take a minute and thank you guys for a fun trip. Sorry that we did not get to say goodbye. I hope this is a great year for you guys! Thanks!" ~ Wayne