1. So you've checked out the treks and can't wait to go! If you haven't already please read what we're really all about on our Why Not Baja Trek page.

2. Then just fill out the "Book It" request form to be sure there is space.

  • This only takes a few minutes and you'll be directed to Paypal to pay your deposit and confirm your space and dates. Feel free to drop us a line or email if you have any questions. All trek deposits are non-refundable but are held in credit towards a future trek with a minimum of 7 days advanced notice of cancellation.

3. Once Paypal deposit has been confirmed we will send an email to you welcoming you on board for the Trek.

  • You can also pay your Trek Fee in full and we can send you an invoice for the total if you like. Just let us know.
  • The Trek Deposit is $150.00 USD for all Treks except the Cantina Crawl ($99.00 USD), Lobster Run ($67.00 USD), La Fonda Follies ($93.00) and Whale Seeker ($94.00 USD).
  • The balance of your Trek Fee is due on or prior to your date of departure.

4. Pay your Trek Deposit and get a receipt.

  • Once your Trek Deposit is made in advance you will receive a receipt by e-mail that confirms you're on the trek and gives you specific instructions for meeting up with the crew on the day of departure, as well as a suggested packing list.

5. Chat with others on the Trekker Chat board or connect with us on Facebook and get ready to enjoy the ride!

Packing up to leave

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"Journeys, like artists, are born and not made. A thousand differing circumstances contribute to them, few of them willed or determined by the will-whatever we may think." - Lawrence Durrell

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