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Baja Adventurer Style Treks
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Choose your own style of Baja travel!

It's all about the freedom of choice. Baja Trek has developed two unique eco-friendly ways to road trip for the intrepid Baja California traveler.

Choose between the laid back Baja Vibe style or the exploring style of a Baja Adventurer style trek. Both styles of travel give time and flexibility to explore Baja and are pretty much unscripted so that each trek is different. More about Baja Vibe can be seen here and for Baja Adventurer at this link.

Meals at Baja Trek are as important as the trek itself. We do a lot of vegetarian meals with group participation to keep our travel healthy and cost affordable.

About 70% of all meals are provided by the food fund that is already included in the trek price. This money is used to purchase most items and supplies locally. The food fund also covers things like park admission, camping fees and tolls. It does not cover any alcohol beverages or meals while not camping. Whether it's vegetarian or local fare, by shopping at local markets and eating in the locally owned restaurants you can be sure that the local economy is supported.

The Baja Vibe Style of transportation uses 100% recycled vegetable oil to motor down the road.

Bus and tents By participating with local restaurants who donate their resources in order to be recycled we are able to reduce our carbon footprint, minimize the need for fossil fuels and reduce fuel costs which results in a less expensive trek. Our specially converted Baja Beach Bus allows for a leisurely pace to remote places not normally accessible by big commercialized tour buses. For safety we usually low-impact tent camp at night rather than travel in the dark.

vw camperThe Baja Adventurer Style utilizes more of an off-the-beaten path approach. In order to minimize the environmental impact of our vans, Baja Trek offsets the carbon emissions from our vans by sponsoring projects, such as planting trees, that help the environment. Due to the terrain we travel on and the locations we seek the Baja Adventurer style utilizes specially outfitted smaller vans.

On some of our treks we carry along kayaks on some adventures to be used when the opportunities present themselves. You can expect to share some nights in a hotel or hostel as well as enjoying more out of the way places by tent camping.

Most of our accommodations are low-impact tent camping and/or locally owned multi-share hotels or hostels.

You should provide your own sleeping bag and tent. We have a bunch of additional gear to supplement the camp, such as chairs, canopies, and a full camp kitchen.

All transportation mentioned in Trek style

All hostel/hotels mentioned in Trek style

70% of meals are included in the listed Trek price

Kayaks on some treks

Cooking and gear use

Experienced local backpackers/campers and Driver Guides

Admission fees

Camping fees

Baja Trek's local support services

Local Mexico and National Telephone numbers

Good Memories

Group Size:




Departs from:


6-12 persons

Share Camp/Hotel/Hostel - Included in Trek price
Single supplements available

VW Eco Camper Bus (1-2)

70% meals already covered in Trek price

The Baja border area

Offset by partnership

About 20

Low-impact tent camping (Hotels/Hostels- optional where available)

Retro-fitted alternative fueled Baja Beach Bus

70% meals already covered in Trek price

The Baja border area

100% Recycled alternative fuel made from recycled waste vegetable oil (WVO)

Baja sun
Coconut trees by the beach in Baja Mexico
The collective of folks that make up Baja Trek strive to minimize the environmental impact of travel. Through eco-conscious small group adventures we are geared to respect the environment as well as the people and cultures we come in contact with. Our commitment ensures an independent sustainable experience that benefits the local economy and communities while providing a memorable trek.
hiker in Baja
“Make voyages! Attempt them... there's nothing else.” - Tennessee Williams

How we Travel to Baja California
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