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Trip Details:

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Travel Style:
Baja Vibe

Vehicle: Baja Beach Bus

Low-Impact Tent Camping,
70% Healthy Meals, Etc.

The Baja border

Duration: 4 Days

Cost: $196 + 53 USD
Food Fund
(70% meals and drinking water included. Beverages not included.)


Cost: $196 + 53 USD Food Fund (70% meals included) - 4 Days

Wide open, wild beach for four days. This trek promises an encounter with nature on a tremendous scale among the warm, waveless waters of the Sea of Cortez.

This Trek features wilderness camping, so you should be comfortable with few facilities and lots of wide open spaces. If you haven't yet, please check out our FAQs and Why Not Baja Trek to make sure our travel style is suited to your needs!

Day 1

We'll meet in the morning at the border area and ease through farm and ranch country as the warm sun climbs through the sky to greet the day.

Once through a couple of sleepy towns, we'll point the Baja Beach Bus east through the high desert. The afternoon will find us at what appears to be the rim of the world, with vast unobstructed views of the desert below towering cliffs. Then we descend through the awe-inspiring towering rock gardens to the desert floor and ease toward our destination - the Sea of Cortez.

Gus at the camping beach in El Golfo

Along the way we'll take in a few tacos and load up on supplies for our upcoming adventure.

The early evening sees the Baja Beach Bus cresting the hills on the path that leads to our secluded beach camping spot for the next few days, just in time for a glorious sunset. Before the campfire burns down and it's buenos noches, we'll cook up one of those famous Baja Trek dinner feasts.

Day 2 / 3

You may see a few coyotes race by in the early sun as breakfast begins our limitless day. The views here are incredible: White sand beach as far as one can see, and the mountains across the Sea of Cortez appear to jut from the ocean itself.

Relaxing at Camp Gus

The days are wide-open -- you can play Robinson Crusoe or explore the coast. Is anyone up for a game of beach volleyball? Swim in the welcoming Sea of Cortez (watch for rays!), fly a kite or work on that natural tan with new friends. By night, gather by the fire and gasp at the overhead view of the constellations.

Day 4

We'll grudgingly load up after our beach breakfast and last minute dip. Then wave good bye to the unnamed hidden beach and join the dirt track up the canyon pass. Finally, it's through miles of desert and the villages of northern Baja where we take in some mighty tacos for the road. Once back at the border, it's adios to our new friends. Good roads- mis amigos.

Expressing joy and love on Gus A beautiful Sea of Cortez sunset

panoramic view of campsite
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Our adventures are designed to be flexible. Due to the nature of Baja travel the above itineraries are meant for representative purposes.

“I see my path, but I don't know where it leads. Not knowing where I'm going is what inspires me to travel it.”
- Rosalia de Castro

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