Baja sun

Day 1

We all meet at the Baja Trek pick-up location along the Baja California border. From there, we'll head down the Pacific Coast, hugging the beach as far as Ensenada where we'll

stop for last minute supplies and a few well-deserved fish tacos. Then we'll continue farther south through the vineyards of the Santo Tomas valley and the fishing town of San Quintin. Our destination, Catavina, lies in the Vizcaino desert. Here, we'll nestle among the saguaro for the evening. Catavina features completely unique cacti species as well as ancient indigenous cave paintings and impressive rock gardens to explore.

Day 2/3/4

Thar she blows! Whales! After a gentle drive through the middle of Baja, Day Two finds us pulling in at Laguna Ojo De Liebre (Scammon's Lagoon), the winter home of the friendly Gray Whales. At the lagoon, we're able to camp close enough to see and hear the whales from shore. During the day we'll hire a local boat to get up close (but

Whale fluke in Baja
Whale Scouter Baja Vibe Trip

Trip Details:

Travel Dates:
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Travel Style:
Baja Vibe

Vehicle: Baja Beach Bus

Low-Impact Tent Camping,
Whale watching session,
70% Healthy Meals, Etc.

The Baja California border

Duration: 8 Days

Cost: $526 + 112 USD
Food Fund
(70% meals included, Snacks and Beverages not included)

Our adventures are designed to be flexible. Due to the nature of Baja travel the above itineraries are meant for representative purposes.

Cost: $526 + 112 USD Food Fund (70% meals included) - 8 Days

Gus Camp!Say "Hello" to a California Gray Whale up close! The experience is awe-inspiring. During a short time of each year, these gigantic mammals visit Baja to nurse their young, and can be seen basking in the warm Baja waters before resuming their long journey northward.

If you haven't yet, please check out our FAQs and Why Not Baja Trek to see what our trips are really all about!

"Our Nature lies in movement; complete calm is death." - Pascal, Pensées
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not too close) to these incredible creatures. While here you may also wish to explore the lagoon's ecosystem, play among the tide pools or simply walk the shoreline and view the wildlife. At night, marvel at the hues of the sunset by the campfire and listen to the hypnotic rhythm of the ocean under some of the most astounding, star-filled skies in the hemisphere.

Day 5 & 6

We start the day with a resplendent sunrise and a hearty breakfast and consider our options for the day, which may include kayaking, dolphin sighting, kite flying, clamming and fishing. After a day of such activities, we'll enjoy the tangerine skies as the sun sets over the water. We feel like we could spend a year here and still not do or see it all!

Day 7 & 8Exploring the tide pools

After a lazy breakfast, we'll embark on a mellow ride north through the desert on our way to the Pacific Ocean coastline. Once there, we'll settle in for the night next to the beach. After some tide pool explorations, we'll eat dinner and unwind by the campfire. You'll experience true freedom while relaxing by the fire and enjoy a sunset over the Pacific.

We'll do our last big Baja breakfast and ride up to Ensenada for some last-minute souvenir shopping and farewell tacos. Then we'll be heading back to the Baja Trek drop off location at the border where we met. "Que le vaya bien!"

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