Seals on Baja islandDown the Pacific coast and across the peninsula to the shimmering Sea of Cortez where we find one of the most beautiful bays in all of Mexico, Bahia de Los Angeles. Here it is possible to see sea lions, dolphins and docile whale sharks in the season.

Day 4

Hola Baja California. We leave the town behind and join the dirt road south as we travel between the San Borja mountains and the Sea of Cortez and more cactus than you can imagine. Bay at Guerrero NegroAt sunset it's camping out at a secluded beach for dinner.

Day 5

We'll head west and make for Laguna Ojo De Liebre (Scammon's Lagoon) for whale watching if the season permits. If not, it's the desert oasis town of San Ignacio where we relax, explore, and swim in the fresh water lagoon.

Palapas at the beachDay 6

Once again, if its whale watching season we'll trek to see some of the friendliest whales on the planet in the bay. You can watch from shore or rent a panga (boat) to actually get eye-to-eye with these gentle giants. If it's not whale season, it's vamos amigos to Mulege the town with the laid back vibe. Anyone want a Margarita?

Day 7 / 8 / 9 / 10

Hot springs! After passing through Loreto hot springs are in order. Relax on the beach, paddle out on the kayaks or go hiking. This is a fabulous place.

Bahia de Los Angeles hillsDay 1 / 2 / 3

We meet up at the border where we'll meet, greet and load. One last check of our supplies and we're off.

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Baja sun
Total Experience Baja Adventurer Trip

Cost: $1647 + 298 USD Food Fund (70% meals included) - 21 Days

This is the been there, done that experience. After this one you can check Baja off your to-do travel list. In 21 days we experience small towns, big cities, pine-tree covered mountains, endless desert, pristine beaches and natural hot springs to name a few. You'll see the real Baja California. Enjoy!

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The Baja border

Duration: 21 Days

Cost: $1647 + 298 USD
Food Fund
(70% meals included, Snacks and Beverages not included)

Total Experience Trek route
Our adventures are designed to be flexible. Due to the nature of Baja travel the above itineraries are meant for representative purposes.
"I'd rather wake up in the middle of nowhere than in any city on earth." - Steve McQueen
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tent and kayak at the beachDay 11

It's off to the Pacific Ocean and Bahia Magdelena. This is another great place to see whales if in season or just to see the wildlife in and around the bay. Again kayaking and camping are the order of the day. Of course, there are plenty of things to do. How about just sitting on the beach next to the campfire and simply fly a kite?Baja dolphins

Day 12 / 13

La Paz, Cabo San Lucas, Todos Santos, and Cabo Pulmo. What can be said about this? We'll kick around the southern tip of baja for a few days where we'll check out the city and night life of Cabo and La Paz and live it up at the artists' community of Todas Santos, the town of the famous Hotel California. Cabo's beachIn between we'll make a stop at Cabo Pulmo, the new natural marine preserve and the enchanting coral reefs. There are also fantastic Pacific Coast beaches, hot springs and wild deserted trails to explore. The options go on and on.

Day 14

Finds us in Loreto where we take in the surroundings and see the famous Loreto mission which was founded in 1697. Old missionThe locals say that Loreto is so laid back that the sun isn't even in a hurry and after doing some snorkeling and beach combing you might agree.

Day 15

Pacific beaches and tide pools. After leaving the Sea of Cortez and Loreto the trek continues up the coast and over the Sierra de San Francisco mountains and across the Vizcaino desert. Where the desert meets the ocean you'll find our camp spot for the night. For the trekker there are beaches to explore for as far as the eye can see.

Puertocitos' Hot springsDay 16 / 17 / 18 / 19

We're on the road to the compelling northern section of the Sea of Cortez. After a stop at Coco's Corner, which may be the remotest cantina on the planet, we explore Gonzaga Bay, Puertocitos and San Felipe. On the way it's hot springs, huge cactus and night life by the ocean. Some of the largest and most awe-inspiring cactus can be found in this vicinity as well as some captivating hot springs that are right on the ocean.

Baja campfireNational Parks. Just when you thought you've seen it all we visit Parque Nacional Sierra San Pedro Martir. The pine tree covered mountains of the park reach over 3,000 meters (10,000 feet). This is the home of one of Mexico's finest observatories. The star gazing is fascinating. The park is also home to the rare California Condor. Among the lofty trees we'll nestle in and do some hiking, exploring, and biking. The view from the observatory over the salt flats below is breath-taking.

Canyon Gaudalupe hot springsDay nineteen greets us as we drive through the farming area of Trinidad Valley on our way to the northernmost National Park in Baja.Constitucion de 1857 National Park is located in the Sierra Juarez mountains and is home to Laguna Hanson, a fresh water lake surrounded by am imposing pine forest. Once there we can kayak the lake depending on the water level and hike the many trails available.

Day 20

After a stop at a local rancho or two it's down the mountain and through the desert to some of the nicest hot springs in all of Mexico. These remote, hard to find hot springs are spectacular and are really one of a kind. Don't leave Baja without checking them out.rough road to Canyon Gaudalupe

Day 21

After a good breakfast it's across the dry lake bed of Laguna Salada and then east up through the rock gardens where it's a short jump to the border. over. Good travels on future adventures!

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