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Baja Adventurer

Vehicle: Baja Beach Bus

Low-Impact Tent Camping,
Admission to hot springs
70% Healthy Meals, Etc.

The Baja border

Duration: 3 Days

Cost: $224 + 48 USD
Food Fund
(70% meals included, Camp Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner. Snacks and Beverages not included)

Baja sun
Hot Springs Blast

Cost: $224 + 48 Food Fund (70% meals included) -
3 Days

Throw off that chill and check out Baja California's most amazing hot springs. Located in the heart of an isolated desert oasis, a hidden geo thermal spring feeds pools of natural warmth and healing.

If you haven't yet, please check out our FAQs and Why Not Baja Trek to see what we're really all about!

Day 1

We'll meet at the border and drive east through the backcountry into northern Baja California.

On the way, we'll stop for supplies and a few tasty tacos in one of the smaller towns we meet on our journey. Then we'll head east on through the high desert chaparral and through some of the most awe inspiring rock gardens found on the west coast. The beauty alone will be enough to make us stop and gaze out over the majestic valley floor thousands of feet below before descending into what appears to be a whole other world.

Our adventure continues as we turn from the pavement onto the road-less-traveled. The mid afternoon's warm sun will find us driving over the ancient dry lake bed of Laguna Salada. The dry lake bed is cradled for 60 miles to the west by the Pine tree-covered Sierra de Juarez mountains and the craggy peaks of the Sierra de Los Cucapah range to the east. After a final slow crawl up the rugged dirt road that leads to the hot springs, we'll sit down to a great Baja Trek dinner next to the campfire and soak our weary bones in the geo thermal hot springs.

Day 2

Choose between soaking, hiking or relaxing. The hot springs are some of the most beautiful found anywhere and create a spectacular palm tree covered oasis in the desert. The underground thermal spring water comes into the hand crafted tubs at between 85 -125 degrees and is 100% natural, clean mineral water that is untreated.

Hot tubs at hot springsPick your spot in this oasis under any palm tree or hang a hammock and relax while listening to the sound of the many birds that call the hot springs home. In between soaking, step back in time and check out the prehistoric petroglyphs or hike up to one of the seven cascading water falls.

Native petroglyphs and pictographs are nearby and date back roughly 10,000 years when the area was inhabited by the Pai Pai tribe.

Don't miss the hike up to each of seven different waterfalls where the natural cool river from the mountains above cascades down to form the pools of crystal clear water in the granite rock. At night, ease back down the trail and enjoy the warm campfire with the group.

Day 3

After a morning soak and a big Baja breakfast we'll begin our slow crawl back to civilization. We'll take our time and slide through a few smaller villages to sample the food and experience a bit of local culture.

Back at the border, we'll wave goodbye to our new friends, swap contact info and long for the next adventure. See you soon, amigos!

Our adventures are designed to be flexible. Due to the nature of Baja travel the above itineraries are meant for representative purposes. Thanks for your understanding

"My favourite thing is to go where I've never been." ~ Diane Arbus
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