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The Baja border

Duration: 7 Days

Cost: $963 + 136 USD
Food Fund
(70% meals included, Snacks and Beverages not included)

We'll keep the craggy coast of the Pacific Ocean in sight until we hit Ensenada. Here we'll make a stop for tacos and immerse ourselves into the local culture. Wander the boardwalk, visit a cantina or explore the waterfront. Then it's a gentle ride through farming towns, rolling hills and fishing communities.

The afternoon finds us in the heart of cactus country in the middle of the Parque Natural del Desierto Central. After exploring the area we'll enjoy a Baja dinner by the campfire, watch the sunset and sleep underneath the stars.Pacific coast off of Ensenada

Day 2

The warm sunrise greets us while we make breakfast. After a short walk up the arroyo we'll inspect the local indian cave paintings if we didn't do it the day before. These ancient cave paintings were thought to have been done by the Locan Indian tribe many years ago and are definitely thought provoking. Now it's Vayamos al sur, mi amigos.

We'll take a lazy ride further south into the desert and then make a short pit stop in one of the friendly eateries in Punta Prieta or the ranching town of Rosarito.Baja's mountains

By afternoon we'll have crossed into the state of Baja Sur and into the town of Guererro Negro. Once here we'll check into our hotel, relax with a margarita and try to spot some of the many osprey that make their home in the area. These huge raptors can often be seen nesting on platforms in and about the town.

Day 3 / 4 / 5

In the morning of day three we'll ease into Laguna Ojo de Liebre (Scammon's Lagoon) to do some serious whale watching. Once here we'll camp next to the lagoon's tranquil waters and enjoy the sights. The next couple of days offers the opportunity to see the whales as much as you may like.

Baja sun

Baja's rolling hillsDay 1

We meet bright and early then load up and do a last minute safety check. Then it's about 5 miles west into the land of Mañana. Don't forget to drop your stress off at the border.

Cost: $963 + 136 USD Food Fund (70% meals included)
- 7 Days

Slip down to Baja and keep interesting company. Come on a California Gray Whale sighting fiesta as we not only hang out with the docile California Gray Whale in it's natural habitat but get to see Baja California at an unhurried pace.

And if you haven't yet, please check out our FAQs and Why Not Baja Trek to see what we're really all about!

Whale Safari Trek route
Our adventures are designed to be flexible. Due to the nature of Baja travel the above itineraries are meant for representative purposes.
"Own only what you can carry with you; Let your memory be your travel bag." - Alexander Solzhenitsyn
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If anyone has energy after exploring the tide pools, bird watching or hiking the coast Baja's whaleswe'll run some side trips to the local dunes or lighthouse.

As the day ends it's a big Baja dinner by the campfire as we spot the whales from shore.

The uncrowded area is truly unique to Baja. At night the whales can be heard frolicking in the waters nearby. Camping next to them by night is awe-inspiring.

Day 6

The unhurried pace of Baja Mexico continues. After breakfast we'll wave goodbye to our new friends, the California Gray Whales of Laguna de Ojo Liebre and point east through the dirt roads and then north up the 2 lane road.

After a short drive off the beaten path it's a step back in time to the old mission of San Borja. Founded in 1759, the well preserved architecture is simply imposing.Pelicans at stony beach By night we'll join back up with the Pacific Ocean and settle into our hotel for the evening, enjoy dinner and explore the bay.

Day 7

The day begins with the usual leisure breakfast and then a move up the coast through more farming and fishing towns. After a stop at the fiesta town of Ensenda for lunch it's up through wine country on the way back to the border. Enjoy the scenery.

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