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Gus Points

Let the Baja Festivities begin! Baja Trek for Free! You won't lose if you cruise. Like Baja? Like to volunteer? There are many opportunities to earn credits and free Treks! Here's how it works:

We value your loyalty to our cause! Come on board three Treks and your fourth Trek is free of charge. We will only ask for a Food Fund donation to help us cover our costs. Charters do not count towards your fourth trek free.

Once you've been on one Trek as a paying Trekker, you are officially qualified to apply for a position as a Trek Volunteer! Volunteers ride for free (only pay food fund) in exchange for helping with cooking, cleaning, and group facilitation. It's a great way to give back to the Baja Trek community.

If you volunteer at one of the orphanages or institutions linked to on the Volunteer page, please chat with us about discounts and freebies, cause we're sure you've earned them! (If you'd like to start volunteering, please make contact with us before you go so that your experience may be coordinated with the host group.) Thanks for your participation.


  • You must book at least 15 days in advance
  • Space must be available
  • We don't want to, but we may have to change the terms of the freebies at any time without notice.
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