Please bring no more than two pieces of luggage. We have found that a backpack and a small daypack for on the bus and hiking are more than sufficient for all treks.  If it has wheels on it or closes like a suitcase there is a good chance it will be no good for this type of travel, so it is best NOT to bring it.

1. Tent - A one or two person tent is best. Those condo size tents are more trouble and time than they are worth.

2. Sleeping Bag - A 3 season bag is sufficient.

3. Shoes - A pair of hiking shoes and flip flops will make you more comfortable.

4. Water/Bottle - Bring a small amount of water in a nalgene water bottle for the bus ride and hikes.

5. Hats - A baseball style hat doesnít provide much sun protection. Try to get a hat that can shade your face. You'll be a lot more comfortable

6. Sun/Bug Lotion - Should be obvious. Not many bugs in Baja. But, there sure is sun.

7. Bathing Suit and/or Shorts - To swim and relax in.

8. Flashlight/Headlamp - A small one of quality works well.

9. Clothes - Hoodies, T-Shirts, Pants and Jackets depending on the season. And donít forget a towel.

10. Gadgets - Bring an IPOD/MP3 Player and camera to share your good times with your new friends.

11. Smile - This is a requirement and is to be carried at all times :)

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