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As we understand it, sustainable use means consuming given resources in such a way that meet present needs without depleting, impairing, or denying future generations' ability to supply their own needs. This is a concept we can get behind. From our Leave-No-Trace policy to our support for National Parks and public access to wilderness land and beaches, we attempt to enjoy what we have without compromising it for those who will follow.

All of us at Baja Trek dream of a travel experience that is small scale and locally-based. We believe that strength and beauty lies in community and in mutual support. As a result, the vast majority of resources used in outfitting our treks are supplied by the local economy in Mexico. You may notice that we stop at the family-owned grocery instead of the mega-stores, or that we head to lesser-known destinations over the tourist hot-spots. Our supplies are purchased, repairs are made, and operating resources are mostly supplied locally. You are a part of this too! Thanks for helping out. We hope you feel empowered by your new knowledge of and connection with our Baja community.

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Our goal is to maintain a net carbon-neutral balance in all that we do. Becoming carbon neutral involves both reducing one's own carbon-producing activities as well as compensating for one's necessary carbon output with carbon-negative actions. Even though our treks limit greenhouse gases already we did not want to stop there. One of our main means of offsetting our daily carbon dioxide output is by by sponsoring carbon-reducing efforts such as planting trees.

By partnering with, a non-profit organization dedicated to helping people acheive just this goal, we can reduce our carbon footprint and meet or surpass our goal of being carbon neutral. It is our dream to be net carbon-negative, in that our treks actually may help reverse the global trend of climate change. We know that our actions have consequences and we do not wish to use history or progress as an excuse to evade our responsibility of stewardship to our planet.

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Travel Green with Baja Trek
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Do not follow where the path may lead. Go instead where there is no path and leave a trail” - Ralph Waldo Emerson

The used WVO is donated by local restaurants and recycled into safe, usable earth-friendly fuel at our headquarters, Gus HQ. Studies have shown that WVO used as an alternative fuel is a domestic, sustainable, renewable resource with virtually zero greenhouse gas emissions. We feel great knowing that we are motoring down the road without imbalancing the natural world around us.

According to a 2007 article in the New York Times article, the tourism trade alone accounts for about 5% of the world's carbon emissions. With your help, we are working to reverse this trend.

We believe in caring for our planet for the next generation to enjoy. Baja California, Mexico, is a special place to us. It is not just a travel destination, but our home. It is so unique that we feel compelled to conserve its pristine beauty for posterity. With this as our mission, we have chosen to run our Baja Trek vehicle on recycled, alternative fuel by specially converting our diesel engine to ease down the road powered by waste vegetable oil (WVO). This is the same stuff French fries are fried in.

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