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Trek Schedule for Treks to Baja
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December 2012
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"The Road is Life" - -Jack Kerouac

Beach Express Adventure

New Year's Edition Dec. 26 - Jan 2

We're heading south of the border down Baja California way to the warm sandy beaches of Bahia de Los Angeles. We only do a couple of Beach Express Adventures a year and this is one of them. With the way the cold weather has been lately in most of the states you'll soon know why.

It's Awesome and it's December 26th - January 2nd. Click here for more information!

Why Trekking Is Important!

Everyone that has been on a trek knows that we try to give back to the community as much as possible. And, just by you coming on a trek makes this possible. We want to thank you for making things like our annual Baja Trek Toy Trot possible. For everyone who doesn't know, we saddle up our 1966 VW Bus (affectionately known to the kids in the area as "The Love Bucket") and hand out Christmas presents to the less fortunate kids in Baja California Mexico. Basically said, without you, our fellow Trekker, we could never afford to do such a thing and we thank you.

This year's Baja Trek Toy Trot is scheduled for Dec 23rd. How would you like to be Santa this year and help make a kid's Christmas special?

Trekker Specials

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Don't Feed the Animals -or- The Further Adventures of Lobo the Trek Pup!

For those of you who missed the last episode of Lobo the Trek Pup we'll clue you in a little. Lobo found us at the Baja California National Park when we were on our famous Mountain Jam Trek. I wouldn't say it was Love at first sight. Hardly. And now we know why. You see, we thought Lobo being an outdoor dog and all was a pretty hardy creature. Or, so we thought. Come to find out Lobo really doesn't do too well on "people food" if you know what I mean. Now don't get us wrong. Lobo Loves chicken, steak and Hot dogs. He'll put on his best puppy face to entice that small morsel of ecstasy from your hand to his mouth.He's pretty good at it, too. The problem is it really doesn't like him. Need we say more?

So, for the sake of all Trekkers on board Gus the Beach Bus please don't feed the animal.

We thank you, and Lobo especially thanks you. Love Love

Get off the Bus?

So you got this Trekker Newsletter and you weren't too impressed. Maybe you thought it wasn't up to par with the New York Times or Washington Post. Maybe you thought that it really didn't have any worthy news content. If you did, you're right on all counts. So now you want to get off the bus so to speak and not receive this newsletter anymore. Simple.

Just let us know and we'll take you off the mailing list ! No Problem. You're off the bus.

Next 3 Upcoming Treks!

Dec. 26-Jan. 2 - Beach Express, 8 day, Baja Vibe - *Now Booking*

Jan. 19-21 - Hot Springs Blast, 3 day, Baja Vibe - *Now Booking*

Jan. 26 - Whale Seeker, 1 day, Baja Vibe - *Now Booking*

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